In the dark.

I'll take you where the magic is
I'll give you everything I I only can offer
You can have my broken midnight moon
If you give me your broken heart
And I will give you something real and golden.
We can make this life the finest art...

I come from where the magic is
I'd give you what I could take away with me
And a sunlit day and moon
I wanna have a silent kiss I wanna make you mine,
I'm thinking you can't leave me now
Stay with me somehow

I am feeling your face in the dark
I'm hearing you breathe in the dark
I am tasting your lips in the dark
I'm holding you close in the dark

Sonata Arctica - In the dark

Postat av: Josefin

Sv: Tack! Jag försökte googla rasen, men visste liksom inte vad jag skulle söka på: "hängig hundras"? ^_~


2011-04-27 @ 21:29:45

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